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110 sqmtrs

Located in Recurring Street, in C/Guerra Junqueiro, next to many stores.

Store área: 110 m2

Facade: 7m

Economic conditions

Duration: 10 years

Minimum rental...

90 sqmtrs

located in a very commercial area of ​​Alcalá Street, next to the Avenue of Felipe II, near to bus interchange station and metro station Goya.Very recurring commercial zone.

Street plant:...

1.410 sqmtrs

Residential building located in Usera, two floors underground, five floors on the ground and the top floor, the infrastructure is complete, such as water supply pipeline, elevators, etc. The whole...

Our Mentality


Together with our subsidiaries, our goal is to provide global solutions not only in investment property identification, but also in tax advisory, facility management, and international transaction management. For many global investors, we are a trusted local partner that makes foreign property ownership seamless.

We believe that in business, strategic alliances and joint ventures are becoming more and more popular within a growing number of multinational firms and industries. Recently, this trend is evident in the global real estate investment space.

When successful, a cooperative relationship enables both parties to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by gaining access to untapped opportunities, share risk, achieve economies of scale, and reduce costs. To succeed, each partner must understand and embrace one another’s goals and constraints. At Gea Real Estate, our knowledge of the local market is invaluable for clients looking to invest in Spain.

We believe our cooperative strategies allow lower profile investors to gain access to larger investments previously only available to multinational industry giants. When two firms combine talent, they find that their new venture is greater than the sum of what each could have done independently, creating what is known as synergy. With proper synergy, everyone profits.

As an investor, working with Gea Real Estate means being able to neglect the hassle of maintaining and managing property investments at a reasonable and competitive cost.

Above all else, our mission is to help clients extract value from their properties.



  • Investment Strategy

    Gea Real Estate has the privileged ability to identify and screen investment properties, regardless of a client’s strategy. In recent years, Gea Real Estate’s primary area of focus has been in identifying high caliber assets with significant growth potential.

  • Equity Placement

    Gea Real Estate can identify additional investors willing to engage in equity and debt syndications, even in the most complex transactions. Gea Real Estate is one of the most competent firms operating in Spain able to organize multi-tiered capital stacks—allowing clients to attain the highest proceeds on the most favorable terms. By embracing the responsibility for transaction closure, Gea Real Estate is able to swiftly arrange equity investments from many sources—including unconventional investors—for all types of transactions.

  • Debt Advisory

    Years of providing clients with debt advisory services has cultivated strong relationships with local retail and investment banks. This translates into efficient, easy access to Spain’s debt capital markets for investors.

  • Distressed Debt

    Gea Real Estate’s close relationships with retail banks equate to privileged access to many banks loan portfolios for purchase at heavily discounted prices. This access provides clients with a wider selection of customized debt products at a time when the market is growing at speeds not observed in several years.

  • Facility Management

    Identifying the right property management team is as important in real estate investing as selecting the property itself.

    Gea Real Estate not only offers services to facilitate foreign investment in Spanish real estate. Property management services are also a core competency, and can be offered throughout the lifecycle of an investment.

    Some of the services typically offered and coordinated include: cleaning, front/back office services, rent and lease payment collection, total property maintenance, grounds management, environmental management, energy management, physical security, surveillance, technical installations, and emergency repairs.

    Whether clients are looking for a total property manager, or just a reliable team to call when needed, Gea Real Estate can be trusted to manage properties and maintain their value.

  • Financial & Accounting Advisory

    In some cases, it is more advantageous for investors to use a Limited Company or a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to invest in Spain. Gea Real Estate’s capabilities include creating and managing such vehicles. Gea Real Estate will create the SPV on behalf of investors, and ensure they stay up to speed with all legal, accounting and tax requirements. Through Gea Real Estate’s tax advisory platform, all aspects of SPV creation are handled with the highest degree of professionalism. Gea Real Estate provides clients with solutions for managing the tax obligations that come with any investment.



About us


Gea Real Estate is an international real estate investment firm focused on identifying high growth properties in Spain. We aim to offer clients a wide range of international real estate investment services as well as property-level management. Additionally, Gea Real Estate provides cross-border investment sale services for international investors.


Gea Real Estate engages clients in a highly disciplined manner and directly manages each investment throughout all stages of it’s lifecycle: research and consulting, property identification, project management, agency brokerage, occupier brokerage, rental processing, and sale.


Recently, there has been a shift in the international real estate market as institutional investors refocus capital towards Spain. The current depth and momentum of the Spanish market has enabled investors to thrive.